Frost Rodding Eyes - Introduction

Modular Design

Our concept is simple and our final products are assembled from a largely common pool of component parts.

Each complete assembly consists of a top, drainage body and where applicable membrane clamps, deck clamps and extensions as required.

Multi-Adjustable Installation Levels

Each installation on site requires speed, accuracy and adjustability.

Our products are designed to allow threaded adjustment of the drain body and drain top to achieve correct finished floor height for all common varieties of floor finish. Further, increased degrees of adjustment to suit thicker floor and roof structures can be achieved with extension pieces and spigot adaptors. This ensures ease of installation and accuracy to match individual site requirements.

Economy can be achieved where no drainage body is required by using our direct connection rodding eyes.



 NickelBronzeStdSq.jpg Nickel bronze rodding eye


Polished Nickel Bronze.jpg Polished nickel bronze rodding eye


Stainless Stainless steel rodding eye