Grease Separators Design Considerations

Correct Sizing

Selecting the correct size (i.e. capacity) of separator will depend upon several factors including the number and volume of fixtures being discharged into the separator; the type of catering equipment; the number of meals and types of foodstuffs prepared per day, available space and desired physical location. For appropriate specialised technical advice, based upon your identified needs, please contact us and we will recommend an appropriate solution or see our Grease Separator Sizing page for a guide.

Certain factors may require an increase in the capacity of any contemplated grease separator such as extent of detergents in the waste, ratio of grease to water, specific gravity of grease filtrates, speed of waste water flow and the presence of large food particles in grease laden water.

Ideally grease separators should be installed as close as practically possible to the discharging fixtures to minimise the distance untreated waste has to travel through the pipe system before reaching the separator.

Automatic Programmable Dosing Units

To avoid the inconvenience and disruption of repeated manual daily dosing we advise the use of a fully automatic programmable dosing unit. Our automatic dosing units are adjustable in volume and frequency to meet your individual environment requirements. Simple to use and adjust each unit comes pre-set from our factory.

We recommend automatic dosing twice per day and once set the system regulates itself. The only attention it requires is to replenish the Biomatic enzyme liquid as determined by usage.

Frost automatic dosing units are mains powered and are usually supplied with a mounting cradle or, if required a lockable cabinet to ensure safe and discreet installation in busy food preparation environments. Other units are available for use under sinks or in plant / store room locations.

Biomatic Enzyme Liquid

This is a special formulation of several strains of natural, environmentally friendly bacteria, which digest and break down grease, oils and other complex organic matter.

Customer's experience shows that liquid is the most convenient form of storing and using Biomatic enzymes. User mixed dry powders raise issues concerning appropriate storage, accuracy of dosing solution mixture (i.e. effectiveness and cost) and inconvenience.

Used correctly as part of our integrated grease separator systems Biomatic enzyme liquid ensures free flowing drains, elimination of odours and reduction in maintenance costs.

Sediment Separation

Created by Frost to process food waste with a high starch content and particulate debris, such as rice, certain vegetables and potatoes. This additional function is achieved by including a removable stainless steel filter basket in the grease separator to physically remove particulates and always ensure the grease separator can operate unhindered.